Louis Vuitton – Les Ateliers de Pondicherry

Louis Vuitton

Jan. 2007 – Jul. 2010 (3.5 years)
Louis Vuitton (LVMH) – Les Ateliers de Pondicherry Pvt Ltd
(Pondicherry – India)

- C.E.O, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager (450 employees)
Les Ateliers de Pondicherry is a 100% subsidiary of « La Maison » Louis Vuitton Malletier (LVMH Group) dedicated to Manufacture Shoe-Uppers and Leather-Goods Components.
Starting from zero to establish a Green field project, the first one for Louis Vuitton Malletier in Asia. Within less than 3 years achieved 2 workshops, more than 450 employees, and one of the best LVM entities as Quality result. The Investment for the Project was: 16 millions Euros… (www.louisvuitton.com)

Financial and Legal
- Preparation of the 3 to 5 years Business Plan, including P&L, Capex, Cash Flow management…
- Transfer Pricing Policy, management of local taxes, audit preparation
- Board Committee member of the company

Human Resource
- Implementation of the H.R. Policy as per Indian Factory Act
- Recruitment process and implementation of the training program for staff and artisans
- Registration form as per Provident Fund, Standing Order, Employees State Insurance,…
2009 absenteeism rate = 3.49%.

Real Estate
- Negotiations for the lease of workshops as well as purchase of land and building
- Getting necessaries licenses and conversion from agricultural land to industrial
Total 4 buildings, covered 5000 square meters, 12 acres of land purchased including 8 converted into Industrial

- July 2007, first batch of artisans joined the company for training
- In November 2007, first invoices were already in process (Shoe-Uppers and Leather-Goods)
- June 2008, total autonomy of the workshop
250 000 invoicing hours in 2009 (400 000 pieces of Leather-Goods and 81 000 pairs of Shoe-Uppers), 190 000 invoicing hours for the half of 2010

Development and Quality
- Integration of the entire «Know-how» as per Luxury/High-end standards
- Implementation and working on continuous improvement including 5S, TQC, PDCA, 8Do, PSM, EMS, Best Practices…
2008 and 2009, the rejection rate 0.28% as per customer reporting for Shoes-Uppers and 2.74% for Leather-Goods components

- Implementation of the entire supply chain process, including workshops bonded requiring very close relationships with local authorities
- Deployment of the purchasing department including policy and control systems
- Store Management (FIFO, ABC…), visual form, also including inventory Policy
- Implementation of the planning policy including production capacity based on 3 to 5 years plan depending on the efficiency and hourly capacity of our workshops to meet the needs of our parent company

Finance Control
- Implementation and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (Production cost, efficiency, quality, consumption, hourly rate, logistics costs, service rate …) and following the Business revues.
- Monitoring Business Plans based on 3 to 5 years

- Getting in October 2008 Certification SA 8000-2001 (Social Accountability)
- Participation regarding local social support (Orphanages, donations following cyclone…)