AH Group of Companies

A.H. Group of Companies has been created in 1981 well know under the name of K.H. Leather Industries including Leather Tannery, Shoes and Shoe-Uppers, Soles and Leather Soles, and Leather-Goods units, more than 4000 passionate employees dedicated for Customer Satisfaction.
SATRA member, SA 8000 Compliant, Following REACH for our manufacture process. 

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Group C.E.O.

Jan. 2014 – Dec. 2016 (3 years)

View from one of our workshop


Industrial Weekly Safety


Creche Opening





  • To Improve Group Image
  • To develop Shoes & Leather-Goods Business.

Main Achievement done till date:

  • 2014: Opening Japanese Market for Lanvin Brand production. High Quality standard.
  • 2015: Opening a new Joint-venture manufacture of Uppers unit with U.K. based customer including 450 workers.
  • 2015, Opening United Arab Emirates Market for Beverly Hills Polo Club brand production.
  • 2016: Opening of a second Leather- Goods manufacture ‘EL Santos B Unit’ including 150 workers.
  • Development of Group Image / communication (Website, Social Network, internal group newsletter…).
  • Development of Management by Performance and Potential including job responsibilities.
  • Implementation of 5S, Andon and Kaisen system, lean process.

At SARA LEATHER INDUSTRIES “B” Unit on direct management for our biggest group unit 990 employees since May 2015:

  • Setting up new organization structure by divided into 3 different entities this main unit to get better control. B is becoming B1, B2 and B3.
  • Diversification in the production by introducing new technics like Stitched-down, Stroebel, Good-Year construction uppers in additional of our existing know-how (Moccasin, Driving, Cemented…).
  • Reduce manpower of 10 % from 990 till 900 employees. Cost saving 124 k$/year.
  • Increase productivity + 48% within 1 year from 1440 pairs/day to 2131 pairs/day.
  • Reduce Work In Progress – 56 % from more than 25 000 pairs till 11 000 pairs.
  • Reduce Production lead time more than 50% by closing the Job Cards to below than 10 daysv/s more than 20 days initially.
  • Avoid all Full Shoes air shipment at the Group cost by respecting our commitment, impact 346 k$/year compare to 2014.
  • Reduce absenteeism from 10.59 % to 5.47 %
  • Avoid Over Time, Impact 70k$/year\
  • Opening Training Centre to educate and train the fresher’s as per our Group standard.
  • Development of C.S.R. inside the workshop like Eye Camp, Polio Vaccination…